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Privacy Policy


We are welcoming you to Vapes Prime Time privacy notice.

Vapes Prime Time gives respect to your privacy and it occurs to protect your data. The privacy notice informs you about how we see your data when you visit our website (you can visit from anywhere) and represent our privacy rights and how the law is protecting you.

The privacy note is in a layered format so you can visit the below specific areas. Please use the glossary section for understanding the meaning of some terms used in this privacy note.

  1. Key Information and Who are we
  2. Data Collection About You
  3. How Your Data Collected
  4. How Your Data be Used
  5. Disclosures of Your Data
  6. International Transfers
  7. Data Security
  8. Data Retention
  9. Your Legal Rights
  10. Glossary

Purpose of This Privacy Notice

This notice provides to give you information on how Vapes Prime Time takes and holds your data by using our website, it includes any data you have provided through this website when you register on our website, sign up for our newsletter issued, or to buy a product from us.

This website is not necessary for anyone under the age of 18 and we do not collect data on persons under the age of 18.

The important thing you read through this privacy notice with another privacy notice or fair process notice is that we provide some specific occasions to collect or process your data and you are fully aware of how and why we are using such data. This privacy notice reads with the other notices and is not to overpass them.

Taking Control

Vapes Prime Time is taking control and is responsible for your data (collectively referred to as “Vapes Prime Time”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy notice).
We appoint a data privacy manager responsible for overlooking questions relevant to this privacy notice. If there are any questions about this privacy notice, including requests to exercise your legal rights, please contact our data privacy manager using the provided details.

Contact Details

Full Name of Our Legal Authority: Vapes Prime Time
Name or Title of Our Data Privacy Manager: Data Privacy Manager
Email Address:
Postal Address:
Telephone Number:

You reserve the right to file a complaint at any time to our Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK supervisor authority for data protection issues ( We shall, however, praise the chance of dealing with your concerns about how you approach the ICO so please contact us first.

Changes to Our Privacy Notice and Your Duty to Inform Us About Any Changes Made

This version was last updated recently.

The data we hold must be accurate and recent. Please inform us about your data changes about us.

Third-Party Links

The website may include third-party website links, plug-ins, and applications (e.g. Trustpilot and PayPal). Selecting those links or ensuring that connections allow third parties to collect or share your data. We cannot control the third-party websites and are not answerable for their privacy statements. When you leave our website, please ensure to read the privacy notice of every visited website.


Your data, or personal information, includes any information about an individual which that person identified. It excludes data where identity is removed (miscellaneous data).
We can collect, use, store, and transfer any kind of your data grouped as follows:

1. Data Identified has your first name, last name, [username or similar identification], title, date of birth, and results of age verification.
2. Data Contacts have billing addresses, postal addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers.
3. Data Transaction includes product details that you buy from us, returns, refunds, and other related information about the management of our relationships with customers.
4. Technical Data is having an internet protocol (IP) address, your login information, type of your browser and its version, types of browser plugins and versions, operating system, and platform.
5. Data Usage includes information on how to use our website.
6. Data on Marketing and Communications possess preferences to receive marketing from us and your communication.

We collect, use, and share Average Data such as statistical or demographic data for some purposes. Average Data is taken from your data but is not your data in law as the data is not directly or indirectly show your identity. e.g., we use the average of your data usage to calculate the user’s percentage to access specific features of our website. If we join or connect the Average Data with your data so it directly or indirectly recognizes you, we use the joined data as personal data used with this privacy notice.

We shall not collect any Special Categories of Your Data (the details about your race or ethnicity, religious or sociological beliefs, sex life, sexual dimensions, political viewpoints, membership of trade unions, information on your health, and genetic and fingerprint data). We do not collect information on criminal convictions and offenses.

Failure to Provide Personal Data

We need your data by law (e.g., for verification that you are over 18) and if you fail to provide the requested data, we shall not impose any contract we have or not try to enter into it (e.g., provide you the products that you ordered). In such a case, we cancel your order but we shall notify you if this is a timely case.

In case of failure to provide your data, which is necessary to perform a contract, we can cancel the contract. In such a case, we can cancel the order and shall notify this case on time.


We have different methods of data collection about you including:

  • Direct Interaction You have to provide your identity with contact details by fulfilling the forms or by interacting with us by post, phone, email, or otherwise. It includes your data providing:
  • Placing orders on our products;
  • Account creation on our account;
  • Subscribing our newsletter;
  • Giving feedback to us;
  • Automatic Technologies or Interactions. When your interact with our website, we automatically collect Technical Data on your equipment, browsing actions, and patterns. We can collect this data by using cookies, server logs, and other same technologies.
  • Third Parties or Publicly Available Resources: We receive your data from variousthird parties as described below:
  • Technical Data from such parties:
    a) Analysis Provider as Google or Bing based outside the EU;
    b) Research Information Provider Such as Google or Bing based outside the EU,
  • The Contract, Financial, and Transactional Data from technical, payment, and delivery service providers such as PayPal are based outside the EU.
  • Identification of Data from Jumio, our service provider for identity verification services based outside the EU. You have Jumio’s privacy policy for reading.
  • Identify and Contact Data of Data Brokers or Aggregators to Experian Ltd for our age verification provider based inside the EU.
  • Identify and Contact the Data of publicly available resources Companies
    House and the Electoral Register have basis inside the EU.

We shall use your data when the law permits. With the most common things, we shall use your data in the circumstances below:

  • We need the performance of a contract about entering into with you.
  • When our legitimate interests (or about a third party) and your interests and basic rights do not overcome those interests.
  • When we need to fulfill a legal or regulatory obligation.

We have the legal basis on which we relied to process your data.

In general, we do not depend on permission from a legal point of view to process your data which is other than about making direct marketing communications with you with an email. You have the right to withdraw from the marketing at any time by making contact with us.

Purposes of using your data

We have the rules below in a table form, a description having all the ways we manage your data, and the legal basis we based on to do so. We have pointed out our legitimate interests as appropriate.

Please note that we process your data for more than one legal ground, it depends upon the specified purpose of using your data. Contact us if you require details about the specified legal ground rely upon to process your data when there is more than one ground set out in the table provided.

Purpose/Activity Type Legal Basis to Process including Legitimate


Registeration as a new customer (a)  Identity

(b)  Contract
(c)  Profile

Performing a contract with you
Processing and delivering your order:

(a)  M a n a g e m e n t   o f Payments

(b)  Collect and recover money owed us

(a)  Identity

(b)  Contract
(c)  Profile

(a)  Performing a contract with you

(b)  It is necessary for our legitimate interests (recovering debt due to us)

M a n a g e m e n t o f o u r relationships with you includes:

(a) Notifying you  about y o u r    l e g i t i m a t e interests

(a)  Identity

(b)  Contract
(c)  Profile

(a)  Performing a Contract with you

(b)  It  is   necessary   to fulfill  a  legal obligation

M a n a g e m e n t o f o u r relationships with you includes:

(a) Notifying you about your obligations to perform

(a)  Identity

(b)  Contract
(c)  Profile

(a)  Performing a contract with you

(b)  It  is   necessary   to  fu lfill  a  legal obligation

Enabling you to take part in a prize draw, competition, or complete a survey (a)  Identity

(b)  Contract
(c)  Profile

(a)  Performing a contract with you

(b)  It is necessary for our legitimate interests (studying  how  customers use our products/services, for development  and business growth)

Administration  a nd protection of our business and  our  website  (including  troubleshooting , data analysis, and testing system) (a)  Identity

(b)  Contract
(c)  Profile

(a) It is necessary for our legitimate interests (to run our business,  provision to administer  and IT  related  services , network security to prevent future risks)
Delivery of relevant website content and advertisements to you  and  to  measure  or  understanding of  t h e effectiveness of advertising service to you (a)  Identity

(b)  Contract
(c)  Profile

(a) It is necessary for our legitimate interests (st udying how customers use our products and services, for their development and   informing  our strategy of marketing)
Using  data  analytics  to  improve our  website , products, and services to provide marketing services to our customers. (a)  Technical

(b)  Legitimate
(c)  Basic

(a) It is necessary for our legitimate interests (to define different types of customers for our products and services keeping our website in rapid growth)
Making suggestions and recommendations about goods or services in direct interest to you (a)  Identity

(b)  Contract
(c)  Profile

(a) It is necessary for our legitimate interests (for the development of our  products  and  services and  the growth of  your business)


We shall provide choices to you about certain use of your data, in particular about services of marketing and advertising.

Promotional offers for you

We use your identity, contact, technical, usage, and profile data for a view that what you want to need, or what are your interests. From this, we decide which products, services, and offers are relevant to you (This is called marketing).

Opting Out

You can say to stop sending marketing messages to you at any time following the opt-out links on any marketing message delivered to you or by contacting us at any time.When you opt out of receiving our marketing messages, this will not be applied to personal data provided to us as a result of a product purchased or other transactions.


You can adjust your browser to refuse all or some cookies, to alert you when websites are set to access cookies. If you disabled or refused cookies, please note that some parts of this website may become inaccessible to function properly.

The ‘Remember Me’ function is an automatic login process creating a cookie containing a unique login ID, so avoiding the need to enter your login details for multiple visits to our site. Please do not select the option if you share your computer with others since personal or member-only information will become accessible to others.

The cookies used are of ‘analytical’ types. They permit us to recognize and count the number of visitors to see how visitors move around the site when using it. This helps in improving our website’s working. e.g., we ensured that users find what they are looking for with ease.

Changing Purpose

We will use personal data; this is the purpose of collecting it unless we consider with reasonableness that we need to use it for other reasons and that reasons are relevant to its original purpose. If you want an explanation that how the process for the new purpose is compatible with its original purpose, please contact us for this.

If you require personal data for any non-useful purpose, we shall notify you and explain the legal basis allowing us to do this.

Please note that we can process your data without keeping you in the knowledge of it or taking consent from you about this as it is to comply with the above rules and it is required and permitted by law.


We share your data with the parties mentioned below for the purposes set out in the table above.

  • Internal Third Parties mentioned in Glossary
  • External Third Parties mentioned in Glossary.
  • Third Parties to whom we choose to sell, transfer or merge parts of our business or our assets. In alternation with, we require to chase other businesses or join with them. If a change occurs to our business, then the new owners can use personal data in the same way mentioned in this privacy notice.

We need all third parties to respect the security of your data and treat it following the law. We do not permit third-party service providers to use personal data for their purposes and only allow them to access your essential data for specified purposes as we prescribed.


We shall not transfer your necessary data outside the European Economic Area (EEA).


We shall take place required security measures to prevent your important data from being lost accidentally, use or access in an unauthorized way, changed, or revealed. In addition to this, we limit access to your important data to those employees, agents, contractors, and other third parties having business requirements to know. They will only process your data on our instructions and are duty-bound to use it with confidentiality.

We have procedures to deal with any breach of suspected personal data and will notify you and ICO about a breach where we have legal requirements to do so.


We shall only keep personal data as long as required to fulfill the purpose of collection, including the purpose of satisfaction of any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements.

Determining the appropriate period of retaining your essential data, we shall consider the amount, nature, and sensitivity of such data, and the key risk of damage from unauthorized use or disclose of your data, the main purpose of processing your data is to achieve the goals, it may be through other means, with the applicability of legal requirements.

In the presence of law, we shall keep basic information of our customers (it includes Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for six (6) years after they leave being customers for taxation purposes.

In some circumstances, you can tell us to delete your data: see the Request erasure mentioned below for more information.

There are some circumstances about miscellaneous personal data (which is no longer concerning you) for research and statistical purposes in such cases we may use this information without giving any further notice to you.


There are some circumstances mentioned having data protection laws relevant to your important data. Please search it to know about more rights.

  • Request Access to Your Data.
  • Request for Correction of Your Data.
  • A request for the Erasure of your Data.
  • Object to Process Your Data.
  • A request for Restriction of Processing Your Data.
  • Request to Transfer Your Data.
  • Right to Withdraw Consent.

If you want to exercise any rights mentioned above, contact us please

No Fee Required

You will not need to pay any fee to access your important data (or exercise any other rights). Therefore, we can charge an affordable fee if your request is not expressly founded, repetitive or excessive. In alternation to this, we refuse to proceed with your request in such circumstances.

What is Needed from You

We require specified information from you to help confirm your identity and ensure that you have the right to access your important data (or exercise any other rights). This is a security check to ensure that your essential data is not disclosed to any other person who has no right to require it. We can contact you to ask for any more information relevant to such a request for speeding up our response.

Response Time Limit

We shall try to use all reasonable requests within one month. Sometimes, it makes take more than one month if your request is more difficult or you have numerous requests. In such cases, we shall notify and update you


Legal Grounds

Legitimate Interest means the business of our interest to conduct and manage our business or to enable us to provide you the best services about the product for the best and most secure experience. We shall ensure that we consider and level any potential impact on you (both positive and negative) and your rights to processing your data for our legitimate interests. We shall not use personal important data for activities that hurt you (provided that we have your permission or otherwise required or permitted by law). You may obtain further information about how we reach our legitimate interests against any effective impact on you in respect of specified activities by contacting us.

Performance of Contract has the meaning to process your data which is mandatory for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or to take necessary steps at your request before entering into such contract.

Perform with a legal or regulatory obligation means to process personal important data where it is required to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation which is in the subject.


External Third Parties

  • Service Providers will act as processors based in the UK to provide cloud computing, web design, and system administration services.
  • Professional Advisors include lawyers, bankers, auditors, and insurers that have based in the UK providing consultancy, banking, legal, insurance, and accounting services.
  • HM Revenue and Customs, are regulators and other authorities based in the UK requiring reporting of process activities in certain circumstances.
  • Service Providers have based outside of the EEA providing email newsletters and other marketing services.
  • Service Providers that have based inside of the EU provide age verification services.
  • Service Providers have a basis outside of the EEA in providing identity verification services.
  • Payment providers include PayPal, Secure Trading, First Data, and Amex based outside of the EEA.
  • Couriers in the UK provide delivery services.
  • Service Providers in the UK provide electronic verification services.

You have such rights:

Request Access to your core data (usually known as a “data subject access request”). This will allow you to receive a copy of the data we have about you and to check that we are processing it legally.

Request Correction of the data we have about you. It will enable you to have any incomplete or inaccurate data held about you for correction, although we need to verify the accuracy of the newly provided data.

Request Erasure of your data. This will allow you to require us to delete or remove personal data where there is no valid reason for us to process it. You reserve the right to tell us to delete or remove your data as you have validly exercised your right to object to further processing it (see the following) if we can process your information unlawfully. We require to erase personal data in compliance with local law. Important Note: Therefore, we cannot always enable compliance with your request of erasure for some specified legal reasons which we shall notify you, if it is applicable, of your request.

An object on Processing of personal data on which we rely has a legitimate interest (or about a third party) and there is something of your particular situation which will make you object to the processing as this ground you feel impacts on your basic rights and freedoms. You have to object your data for direct marketing purposes. In some of the cases, we can express to compel the legitimate grounds of processing information going above your right sand freedoms.

Request to Restrict the Process of your data. This will enable you to ask us to suspend the processing procedure of personal data in the following manners: (a) if you want to make sure the data accuracy; (b) where our data usage is unlawful but you do not require us to remove it; (c) where you require us to keep the data even if we do not need to establish, exercise, or defend lawful claims; or (d) you objected to the use of your data but we shall verify whether we have legitimate grounds of using it.

Transfer Request of your data to you or any third party. We shall provide you, or a third party you choose, your data in the form of structure, commonly used in a printed and readable form. Please note that this right is only applicable to automatic information which is provided initially and has permission to us to use or where we have information on the performance of a contract with you.

Withdrawing Consent at any time we are relying on permission to process your data. Therefore, this will not affect the lawfulness of any processing that occurs before you withdraw your request. If you withdraw your request, we shall not able to provide some products or services to you. We shall advise you in such a case at the time of withdrawal of your request.

You can contact us about the Privacy policy at

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